Horseback Riding Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The Most Complete Waterfall Horseback Riding Tour in Manuel Antonio


Our Horseback riding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica provides you with the opportunity to explore a very rich and beautiful Mountain of Costa Rica which offers waterfalls and fantastic scenic views.   The entire horse back riding tour is performed with a Billingual Guide who is there to answer all of your questions and is also there to provide helpful tips on how to ride the horse as well as information about the area.   

The horseback tour is a great way to enjoy being in nature and a chance for you to unwind and relax.   We have a fantastic breed of Horses all of which are trained by professionals so you are guaranteed to have the best horse back riding tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 


A Great Combination of Mixing Nature with Fun Horseback Riding


This is the perfect combination of mixing a fun horseback ride with a great interaction with nature.  Having the chance to spend time swimming and enjoying the Waterfall is going to be one of the highlights of your vacation to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 

Since our horseback riding tour is in nature, we also get the opportunity to show you some wildlife like iguanas, different types of birds, butterflies, lizards, monkeys and the list goes on.  Costa Rica has a wide variety of animals which can be spotted easily in a Lush Mountain area which is where we will be taking you for the Fun Horseback Riding Adventure. 

Horseback Riding Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Check out our Horseback Tour Details 

If you want to check out very specific details about our Horseback Riding Tours, we recommend you visit our Horseback Riding Details Page where you will find what is included in each horseback tour and the different departure times.

Rates Per Person

The following information is our prices per person for the Horseback Adventure as well as the Safari 4×4 Full Day Trip. 

Hal Day Horseback Tour is $65 Per Person. 

Full Day Horseback Tour is $75 Per Person.

Full Day Safari 4×4 to 320 ft Waterfall is $85 Per Person.

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Horseback Riding Manuel Antonio

Top of The Line Gear


The harness that we use on our horses are Top of The Line and provide not only comfort for the Horses but also for you as well. Customer satisfaction is very important for us and this is why we take great pride in having the best gear for our Horses and for our Customers.  Our goal is to ensure you have the best horseback riding tour while vacationing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and it helps us to have the Best Equipment.

First Time Going Horseback Riding – We Have You Covered


For a lot of our customers, this will be the first time they get to ride a horse which for some can be a little nervous but we are here to tell you that we have you covered.  Our breed of horses are trained by True Professionals so they are incredible calm and we have been doing this horseback tour for many years and have always had amazing feedback from our guests regarding our horses.  

Not only do we have very well trained horses but our Guides are Local Campesinos which means Local Farmers here in Costa Rica who Speak English and will be able to communicate very useful tips to you during the horseback riding adventure.  

Horseback Riding Booking Options 


For the Manuel Antonio horseback riding tour you have the option of booking a Half Day Trip and a Full Day Tour.   

The Full Day Horseback Riding Tour is from 7:40 a.m. pick up time at your Hotel or Villa and return time is around 2:30 p.m.   The price is

The Half Day Horseback Riding is from 7:40 a.m. pick up time at your Hotel or Villa and return time is around 12:30 p.m.   

Regular Shared Horseback Trips & Private Horseback Tours


Our regular Manuel Antonio Horseback Riding Tour involves you and your group with other people as well joining the horseback adventure.   However, you we provide Private Horseback Tours which is a great option for those who want to be exclusively with their group.  Send us an email using our Contact Form and let us know if you wish to be on our Regular Tour or a Private Horseback Tour. 

Horseback Riding Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Prepare Yourself For a Fun Horseback Riding Adventure


Prepare yourself for a fun horseback riding adventure where you will get to encounter various animals, as well as amazing mountain views & a beautiful Waterfall where you can enjoy swimming and take in all of the nature that Manuel Antonio has to offer.

We do recommend that you bring long pants and an extra change of clothes. You will want to change your clothes once you are done swimming at the Waterfall.

We have a hard working staff who are there to ensure you have the best time while always remaining safe on the horse.  It is a 5 hour tour if you book the half day horseback riding tour or a 7 hour tour if you reserve the full day horseback riding adventure.

The horseback riding tour is a great opportunity for you to really be in nature and a lot of customers say they felt very relaxed because all you hear are the animals that live in the Mountain.

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