Amazing Day - Waterfall Horseback Riding in Manuel Antonio

horseback riding tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Another amazing day of horseback riding here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  This time we took Tom and his Family on a Full Day Horseback Adventure.  They were experienced riders so they knew exactly what to do and everyone was super excited to see the Waterfall which is located inside our Mountain Property. 


They got to see animals

We started off by giving a brief introduction as to what they should expect of the horseback tour. Afterwards, we started to head up the mountain while stopping several times because we encountered monkeys, birds, and lizards.  

The fact that we saw animals during the first part of the horseback tour made Tom and his family even more excited and happy that they were on our fun adventure.  

Once we got up the mountain, our Guide showed them several plants and the Mountain Views which always leave our guests in a state of admiration for the beautiful mountain scenery that Costa Rica has to offer.  

The quickly got back on the horse and begin riding towards the Waterfall which was their primary interest and I don`t blame them as it is our most popular attraction that we have inside our Mountain Property.  

We were finally at the Waterfall

Once our guide took them close enough where they could hear the waterfall, they got even more pumped up and as soon as they arrived, the first thing they did was jump in and enjoy being in such a beautiful and relaxing waterfall.  

Quick Tip

We recommend that if you plan on swimming in the Waterfall, please bring an extra change of fresh clothes this will help you to not get cold because we do get a very nice breeze when we are up in the mountain. 

Once they were done swimming and jumping in the Waterfall, we headed back down to where they would be greeted by our Driver who would take them back to their Hotel.  We had a fun time with Tom and his Family and we hope they come back soon. 🙂 


Pura Vida Guys! 

From The Entire Team at Horseback Riding Manuel Antonio